Day 7 – World Surfing Games 2017

Kaspar and Pascal are fully charged after yesterday’s lay day. A great session in Hossegor last evening got them stoked to perform to their maximum ability.

Day 4 – ISA World Surfing Games

Roy van Eijk is on his backside throwing three powerful turns on his first wave. The morning waves are small and inconsistent and turn choppy with an onshore wind.

Day 3 – ISA World Surfing Games 2017

  Feasting on delicious banana bread breakfast made by Balagan Cafe while watching the Open Women come to a spectacular close this morning with Pauline Ado taking first prize.

Day 2 – ISA World Surfing Games 2017

Today starts early for Mirna, after a great sleep in the Surf Naked house in Guéthary. A warm-up surf and a short yoga session by coach Ruurd before her heat ensure maximum performance.