Day 4 – ISA World Surfing Games

Remi door naar tweede ronde – Foto Jan Bijl

Roy van Eijk is on his backside throwing three powerful turns on his first wave. The morning waves are small and inconsistent and turn choppy with an onshore wind. Roy is on his Bufo to give him a bit more float through the weak sections, but it is hard to find a sizeable wall. While Roy manages to remain in second place for the most time, he goes through to Repechage tomorrow.

When the high tide recedes, it is Kaspar Hamminga’s turn in the late afternoon. He surfs against Joan Duru from France amongst others. The tide is still on the high side so the waves don’t show much face yet. It is Repechage tomorrow for Kaspar as well, ending in third place.

Kaspar met een backsider – Foto Jan Bijl

Remi gooit spray – Foto Jan Bijl

Finally around 8 pm Remi Peterson’s heat comes around. He surfs against Jeremy Flores from Team France and Team Canada and Team Morocco. Remi is very focussed and surfs an excellent heat, going straight through to Round 2 with his final wave. Though Roy promised to sing the Wilhelmus if he would beat Jeremy, Remi ends up in a well-deserved second place. Well done Remi!!

Josephine Leertouwer

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