Day 2 – ISA World Surfing Games 2017

Today starts early for Mirna, after a great sleep in the Surf Naked house in Guéthary. A warm-up surf and a short yoga session by coach Ruurd before her heat ensure maximum performance. The wind is a strong side shore and the waves got quite a bit smaller overnight.

Teammates Pascal van der Mast, Roy van Eyck, Kaspar Hamminga, Remi Peterson and Eveline Hooft watch from the beach with confidence as the horn blasts the starting signal. The teams from Ecuador, Sweden and Spain are standing on the beach to represent their girls during this heat. Mirna surfs an excellent heat. Even despite her non-priority interference move, she beats Ecuador and Sweden, ending up after Garazi Sanchez from Spain. Even grandmother Boelsma phoned to say that she had watched the livestream from her home. How awesome to be part of such a supporting surf family.

Following Mirna’s successful heat, Ruurd gives a short training for the boys to keep them in action mode. Eveline is up next, but due to the high tide the competition is put on hold until 4 pm. The sun has burnt off the last of the morning clouds and full on French beach weather is upon us. The wind backs to off shore and come four o’clock the waves have turned to candy. Eveline gets to feast on these beautiful sets, together with three girls from South and Central America. These competitors are strong and experienced surfers. Though Eveline manages to score a whopping 7.97 with her powerful turns, WSL surfer Jacqueline Silva just takes second place. Eveline has only just begun to tap into her full potential and so much time ahead of her. This was a great international experience and we are so proud to call her part of our team. Go Eef!

Round 3 for Mirna starts off great with her dropping into the first wave of the heat and showing us what she can do on her frontside. Competitors from Portugal, Argentina and Peru are in the water with her. Mirna remains in second place for the bigger part of the heat, powerfully surfing three more waves. During the final minutes, she catches the first one of the set which ends up collapsing into a mushy and crumbling mess. The two big waves rolling into Grande Plage after that take her competitors through to the next round. Mirna scores a 6.24 with her two best waves but unfortunately it is not enough. She has such a beautiful style that is just going to get better. Keep it up Mirna.

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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