Day 5 – World Surfing Games 2017

The sun shines through the early morning mist as we drive from Guethary to Biarritz Grande Plage. Pascal surfs his Repechage heat in small conditions but manages to catch lots of waves. He is at ease and enjoys the empty sets. The sun is out and there is not a breath of wind. It promises to be a scorching hot day. He ends up in second place and goes through to Round 2.

Roy is up for his Repechage in a difficult heat against Chili, Spain and Dominican Republic. He surfs strong, scoring a 7.66 for his two best waves. Today’s waves are even smaller than yesterday’s and there is simply not much you can work with. He throws a beautiful roundhouse and a few nice vertical snaps but it is not enough against Chili and Spain and he finishes 3rd. We love you Roy! Keep smiling. Your love and enthusiasm for the sport inspires us all!

Our last Repechage competitor Kaspar became our Number 1! With the support of his parents and brother, Kasper surfs a fun and energised heat. Luciani Heremoana from Tahiti is his strong opponent but Kaspar beats him to first place and goes straight through to Round 2. Go Kas!

The thermometer touches 29.5ºC around dinnertime and Remi surfs Round 2 in the smallest conditions of today. It is amazing to see how much Remi can do with these conditions. He lands a 360º with ease and knows how to use these tiny waves to his best advantage. He is in second place for a long time but in the last 10 minutes becomes third and cannot improve on his best score. You did well Remi and are an inspiration to us all.

Tomorrow Kaspar and Pascal are ready for action. That is, if the waves permit it. Stay tuned…

Thank you Patrick from Akotzen for your support and enthusiasm. Thank you Naked Surf Guethary for the lovely beds. Thank you Balagan Cafe for the great food.

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